GIVE HER TOOLS is a project we hope to set up that will support women and girls across West Africa.  In the future we aim to donate a percentage of out profit towards empowering women and girls through education, agriculture and sustainable living. 

After university I worked in an office  where I saw first hand  women who had left their families on the continent of Africa  due to economic limitations, in the hope of pursing of a better life in the West for themselves and family. 

However, in the pursuit of a better life, some of the women found themselves working low income jobs and had great difficulty balancing supporting themselves and those back home.Their pursuit of a better life for their families has meant in some cases families became fragmented and daughters went weeks, months even years without having a mother. 

My hope is that the GIVE HER TOOLS project will equip mothers and daughters with tools that will increase their economic ability and keep families together. I am extremely passionate about keeping families together  In 2017 I suddenly lost my mother, and  have a great desire to ensure mothers and daughters stay together. 

When you buy our tools, you are equipping another woman with tools for life.



Rachel Akindele