About Us

Are you tired of searching the internet for hair tools or accessories that work for your natural hair? Do you wish you had access to a site that provides affordable hair tools, accessories and a wealth of information on natural hair? Well we at The Natural Hair Tool Kit have developed a site for naturalistas to access quality hair advice and affordable hair tools and accessories for Black hair.

 As a brand we at The Natural Hair Tool Kit have made it our mission to outsource and create effective and affordable hair tools for you. We provide excellent hair tools and tips for women with Afro textured hair, not only do we provide you with hair education and tools but also give you an opportunity to work with us to give back to other women and girls through our GIVE HER TOOLS project.

GIVE HER TOOLS is a project that supports women and girls in West Africa. When you purchase selected products, a percentage of the funds goes towards empowering women and girls though education, agriculture and sustainable living.

When you buy our tools, you are equipping another woman with tools for life.