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Does your natural hair cause you to sigh? Have you spent hours trying to figure out what works and still suffer from breakage, dryness  and  stunted hair growth? 

If you have answered yes then our 'Coil Chat' will be great for you! By the end of the call you will have actionable steps that will take your hair from surviving  to thriving 

During this call we will:

  • Discuss your hair struggles
  • Your hair goals
  • Review your current regime to see if is the best regime to help you reach your hair goals
  • Review your products 
  • Discuss actionable steps 

The Call 

The call will take place via Googlemeet 

We will look at your hair regime and where you are going wrong 

We will discuss  suggestions that will help your hair 

You will receive a recording of the call after the session 


Consistency is Key

To see results you must PUT in the EFFORT!

Results may vary based on various factors. 

Remember the quest for natural hair is a journey not a race, the sooner you start the sooner you will see results. 


Once you have booked a call you will be sent a link of a form to fill in and the link to Googlemeet meeting. 



We do not create a hair regime for you on this call

We do not  recommend products on this call 

The above services are available as part of our  hair coaching offer NOT during the coil chat 

 Term and Conditions 

This service is NON REFUNDABLE. 

You must give 3 days notice if you need to reschedule 

Book now so we can have a chat about your coils!